How Social Distance Readiness Impacts Policymakers And Business Leaders

derry wae

“Back to School” signs are the usual hallmarks of the end of summer. For many parents, it also signifies a return to the workplace. But that was back in pre-COVID times. This year, many workers are returning to their virtual workplaces in front of their computers, whether it’s from their homes or other atypical work locations.

Experts warned against the false sense of security that came with the easing of restrictions and warmer weather. Without a vaccine readily available, many organizations are continuing  to encourage their workers to work remotely. In July, Google became the first major organization to formally extend their work-from-home policy until summer 2021. Other large organizations such as the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, and Japanese technology company Fujitsu took a step further by announcing “indefinite”  flexible and remote working policies for their employees.

Socially distanced work, a novelty only four months

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