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Steve Greenburg has gadgets that will help make the transition easier.

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. — Fall 2020 will look different for students, teachers and parents. Whether your child is participating in traditional or e-learning, Steve Greenburg has gadgets that will help make the transition easier. For the full list of gadgets, visit and click on his blog.

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Rural Brazos Valley districts face obstacles to online schooling | Local News

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Learning to adjust

Few of the Bremond ISD parents surveyed are opting for remote learning this year, high school Principal K.L. Groholski said.

The school is moving toward ensuring that each student has a Chromebook or iPad, and other aspects of the school’s tech gear and teaching strategies are also getting a facelift. Classrooms will see the addition of interactive televisions, and teachers are being asked to make more video content available.

In the spring, Groholski said most of the district’s 510 students were able to do school work online, with a handful choosing paper packets, sometimes out of preference.

Some students last school year had challenges with obtaining reliable internet in certain parts of the district’s boundaries — it’s the “nature of being in a rural area,” he said. But their needs were met with paper in the spring, and those opting for remote learning this year don’t seem

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AP EXCLUSIVE: US faces back-to-school laptop shortage | National News

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“U.S. Customs and Border Protection does not have any record of detained laptops matching this description,” the agency said in a statement.

The Department of Commerce said it added Hefei Bitland to its so-called Entity List, which restricts the export and in-country transfer of items by sanctioned companies. “It does not apply to the importation of Chromebooks from China,” the department said in a statement, adding, however, “we should all agree that American school children should not be using computers from China that were produced from forced labor.”

There are no nationwide tallies on the numbers of laptops and other devices that schools are waiting for. The Associated Press found that some of America’s biggest school districts are among those with outstanding orders of Chromebooks, other laptops or hotspots for internet connections, including Los Angeles, Clark County, Nevada, Wake County, North Carolina, Houston, Palm Beach and Hawaii, the nation’s only

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Boise Schools to receive delayed laptop shipment Friday

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When remote classes began for Boise students on Monday, roughly 9,900 — or 39% — went without the Chromebooks the district had promised them in June. But a delayed shipment of 13,000 Chromebooks the district ordered in May is set to arrive Friday, said Dan Hollar, the district spokesperson.

The Chromebooks must be processed before they are distributed, Hollar said, so a small portion of the laptops will be distributed beginning early next week. The rest will go out “soon after,” Hollar said.

A recent study from the State Board of Education found that over half the K-12 students in Idaho do not have access to a remote learning device at home. After distributing 8,600 Chromebooks in the spring and 7,000 in August, the district is confident that all students who expressed a need for a computer have one, Hollar said Tuesday.

The remaining students who haven’t yet received district-issued

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Industrial Applications Demand Reliable Rugged Hardware

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Ericsson projects that the number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) will reach 1.5 billion in 2022, and the number of Industrial IoT (IIoT) connections will exceed 3.5 billion by 2023.The explosive growth of embedded computers and IoT connections fuel an ever-increasing number of IoT applications. Industrial sectors that can benefit from the use of IoT devices include traffic engineering, data-logging, oil and gas exploration, and others. But there are challenges that need to be overcome.

Challenges in Traffic Engineering

According to the statistics from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the overwhelming majority of illegal drug shipments that include heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, etc., are smuggled through established ports of entry using cars, planes, and ships. 

Border Security and Customs Officers’ Challenges

There are many challenges that are apparent with border security and customs. Identifying suspicious people, access to historical data of cars, integrating the identity

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IBM Services and CBRE Deliver “Smart Maintenance” Services to Data Center Clients

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IBM Services and CBRE, the largest commercial real estate services company in the world, are expanding their long-term relationship to provide technology support services for CBRE’s clients at select data center facilities it manages.

A new CBRE offering called Smart Maintenance is the latest addition to their existing suite of Converged Data Center Services. Powered by IBM Services, it leverages IBM’s AI, augmented reality technologies and deep analytics to provide vendor-agnostic, predictive and reactive hardware maintenance for CBRE’s data center clients’ technology assets.

As part of the agreement, IBM will work with CBRE technicians as an onsite extension of IBM’s Remote Technical Support. CBRE technicians intend to diagnose and maintain IT hardware from a wide range of manufacturers, leveraging IBM’s augmented reality and Watson-enabled AI technologies while being supported by IBM’s global platform, which includes 57 call centers worldwide, tens of thousands IT support specialists and 585 parts centers carrying

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ICT tenders: Hardware makes a comeback

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The National Tender Bulletin is a subdued affair this week as procurement activity across the public sector retreats to projects of lower value. The lessened interest is possibly a result of reduced budget allocations and increased scrutiny of tender processes.

Following weeks of rapidly declining interest, the hardware sector sees a comeback in the issue, attracting six invitations. The software sector, falters somewhat, falling short of receiving notices in the double digits. The services sector comes out tops in the edition with 11 new tender opportunities.

With little else to cause excitement it is the Department of Science and Innovation that provides this week’s notable advertisement. In it, the department says it is looking for technical consultants to support it in assessing applications and progress reports for the research and development tax incentive programme.

State Information Technology Agency
SITA is advertising for the supply, installation and configuration of local

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Park Place Technologies rolls out automated hardware maintenance suite

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Cleaning up

The hardware listing component is called ParkView Discovery, and covers all OEM equipment. It features IT asset discovery and dependency mapping – covering physical, virtual and cloud server coverage, as well as desktops, peripherals and edge devices.

To the issue of network pathway troubleshooting, the company’s answer is ParkView Network Analytics. The visualization tool comes with OS and application deployment by Park Place engineers as well as VPN performance monitoring.

Lastly, ParkView OS Monitoring checks on Linux, Windows and VM systems at the software level. Paul Alexander, head of technical services at The Open University’s STEM faculty, said that “the industry as a whole is likely to turn to Park Place’s coined DMSO approach, as “the industry needed to find a new direction” for equipment management. DMSO is something which is a positive for the industry. Park Place is able to lead on that because they’ve defined it.”.

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Argentina Freezes Telecommunications Prices Until Year End

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President Mauricio Macri Inaugurates The MercadoLibre Inc. Development Center

Photographer: Sarah Pabst/Bloomberg

Argentina is extending a price freeze for TV, internet and mobile services until the end of the year, deeming them “essential public services” and imposing the type of controls that could complicate a deal with the International Monetary Fund.

The freeze means providers won’t be able to raise prices going forward without government approval, according to a statement sent after-hours Friday. Prices on those items had been frozen since May, with the ban set to expire at the end of the month.

Following months of wrangling, Argentina clinched a deal with investors in early August to renegotiate $65 billion in debt after its ninth default. Now, amid what’s expected to be its deepest economic contraction ever, the South American country has to win back the confidence of global markets.

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The telecommunications freeze marks

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IEC Telecom and Thuraya boost crucial connectivity with portable Rapid Deployment Kit | News

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Global satellite communications specialist IEC Telecom, along with mobile-satellite service provider Thuraya, introduced its Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK), designed to provide Humanitarian Response Teams with reliable connectivity during COVID-19 and support emergency and disaster relief efforts even in the most remote areas.
With over 126 million people in need of humanitarian assistance globally, including 70 million forcibly displaced, governments and the global community are stressing the significance of on-time medical and humanitarian responses.

The RDK solution enables frontline workers to respond immediately and effectively to mitigate the wider secondary impacts of the pandemic.

“COVID-19 has proved that timely communication is of utmost importance. Satellite technologies play a crucial role in monitoring and managing the situation in challenging environments.  Our latest Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) offers high speed connectivity, previously reserved only for VSAT users, via a compact and portable solution. RDK can easily be deployed in a short span of

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