a large passenger jet flying through a blue sky: IndiGo (File photo)

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IndiGo (File photo)

New Delhi: Aviation regulator DGCA on Sunday issued a clarification and said that passengers are allowed to take photos and videos inside flights but cannot use any recording equipment that creates chaos, disrupts flight operations, violates safety norms or is banned by the crew members. The statement comes in response to an incident on an Indigo Chandigarh-Mumbai flight on September 9 where several mediapersons surrounded actor Kangana Ranaut violating social distancing protocols. Reporters and cameramen were seen jostling and bunching up to get a comment from Ranaut, who was sitting in one of the front rows of the plane. The regulator had earlier said that a scheduled flight will be suspended for a period of two weeks if anyone is found taking photographs inside the plane. As per Rule 13 of the Aircraft Rules 1937, no person is allowed to