Frontier Taps Former Verizon Executive to Lead Telecom Out of Bankruptcy

Frontier Communications Corp.

FTRCQ 0.63%

named John Stratton as its executive chairman, tapping a longtime telecom operator to lead the internet provider as it looks to win back customers’ trust after bankruptcy.

The former

Verizon Communications Inc.

VZ -0.21%

executive’s appointment signals Frontier’s ambitions to keep growing if federal and state regulators approve its reorganization plan. A federal judge last month approved a plan that could move the business out of bankruptcy by early 2021.

Frontier filed for bankruptcy protection in April to implement a prearranged $10 billion debt-cutting proposal backed by bondholders. Those bondholders named Mr. Stratton a board observer in May and picked him for the executive chairman seat. The appointment is expected to become effective once the Norwalk, Conn., company completes its trip through bankruptcy.

Frontier’s reputation among customers has suffered in recent years as its network of digital subscriber lines failed to deliver the data rates

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Affordable Internet will become a universal human right

The post-pandemic future: Affordable Internet will become a universal human right

Alejandra Ruiz Vargas is the national leadership representative for ACORN Canada

In the early years of the Internet, it was primarily a luxury: a fun and convenient way to access games, watch videos, shop from your sofa. But in recent years, it’s become clear that high-speed Internet is a necessity for living in our current world, as crucial to our well-being as central heating or access to clean water. I’m a member of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, and long before Covid appeared, we were trying to convince politicians, the CRTC and telecom giants that Internet access was a basic need. People need connectivity for practical reasons, like finding jobs, getting government benefits and doing homework, as well as accessing entertainment and keeping in touch with loved ones. In 2016, the United Nations declared

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MMR Telecommunications and Security Systems – Press Release

James Pepper Rutland

BATON ROUGE, La. – August 14, 2020 – (

Under the leadership of James “Pepper” Rutland, MMR has built a solid reputation of superior quality, service and efficiency as the largest open-shop electrical and instrumentation contractor. MMR offers clients a multitude of technical services, including its cutting-edge telecommunications and security systems solutions.

MMR provides both Information and Operational Technology Systems to support clients’ critical business functions. From fiber optic backbone and industrial wireless, Pepper Rutland and MMR’s experienced team can provide clients with a reliable network to support IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications and critical safety and security applications.

MMR’s vast list of telecommunications and security solutions includes:

  • Physical Security

  • Video Surveillance

  • Access Control

  • Gates, Turnstiles & Barriers

  • Intrusion Detection

  • LAN/WAN Design & Configuration

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi, Microwave, Mesh)

  • Public Address & General Alarm (PAGA)

  • VOIP

  • Structured Cabling & Fiber Optics

“MMR Telecommunications and Security Systems is

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Federal cabinet says wholesale broadband rates could stifle investment but declines to overturn ruling

A man walks and texts on his smart phone in downtown Toronto.

Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press

The federal cabinet says the new, lower rates that Canada’s large phone and cable companies were ordered to charge smaller internet providers for access to their networks could stifle investment in telecom infrastructure.

However, cabinet declined to overturn the August, 2019, ruling that reduced wholesale broadband rates or send it back to Canada’s telecom regulator for reconsideration, saying it would be premature to do so because the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is already in the midst of reviewing its decision.

“We will continue to monitor the CRTC proceedings closely,” Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, said in a statement Saturday.

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Consumer advocates and smaller internet service providers (ISPs) criticized the decision, saying it would result in higher costs for internet users.

“The government has effectively told

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Teksavvy and other small ISPs to raise internet rates in response to cabinet decision last week

Several independent internet service providers are raising their prices, blaming a recent federal cabinet decision that suggested the country’s telecom regulator erred when it ordered lower wholesale broadband rates last year.

Customers of Teksavvy Solutions Inc., Distributel Communications Ltd. and can expect to see their monthly internet bills rise between $5 and $10. The increases come after the federal cabinet signalled to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) last week that it should allow Canada’s large phone and cable companies to charge independent ISPs more for access to their networks so as not to stifle investment in telecom infrastructure.

“Unfortunately we just had no choice,” said Matt Stein, chief executive of Distributel, of the company’s decision to raise its prices by $5 to $10 a month, at least until a final decision is reached. The CRTC is in the midst of reviewing the wholesale rates.

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Quantum internet breakthrough could help make hacking a thing of the past

The advent of mass working from home has made many people more aware of the security risks of sending sensitive information via the internet. The best we can do at the moment is make it difficult to intercept and hack your messages — but we can’t make it impossible.

3D illustration of the future of the internet. Quantum internet.

© Provided by Live Science
3D illustration of the future of the internet. Quantum internet.

What we need is a new type of internet: the quantum internet. In this version of the global network, data is secure, connections are private and your worries about information being intercepted are a thing of the past.


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My colleagues and I have just made a breakthrough, published in Science Advances, that will make such a quantum internet possible by scaling up the concepts behind it using existing telecommunications infrastructure.

Our current way of protecting online data is to encrypt it using mathematical problems

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Comments of R Street Institute Opposing the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s Petition for Rulemaking

As society continues to adapt to the digital world, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stands at the forefront to facilitate the development and deployment of necessary broadband infrastructure that makes this transition possible. The FCC has taken this role to heart, consistently removing outdated regulations that impede technological advancement.[1] Over the last four years, the FCC has also worked to undo past regulatory overreach, ensuring that it remains within its statutory authority granted by Congress.[2] Indeed, the efforts by the FCC have helped pave the way for a massive increase in online traffic and the growth of a wide variety of services that consumers use to check news, find information and stay connected with friends.[3]

But with all advancement comes growing pains. In recent years, many have begun to worry about the role that social media plays in the national conversation. Disinformation campaigns using social media seek

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Hamilton, Robbinsville mayors demand BPU investigation of Optimum internet service provider | News

HAMILTON — Enough is enough.

Numerous customers of Optimum telecom service in Robbinsville and Hamilton are complaining of poor service, prompting the mayors of both townships to demand an investigation.

“Both municipalities’ residents have experienced similar, unacceptable issues and a lack of timely remediation from Optimum,” Hamilton Mayor Jeff Martin said Tuesday in a press statement, adding he and Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried “will fight for our residents by partnering together on this issue and hope that by doing so it will provide for a stronger likelihood of these concerns being taken seriously by the state.”

Fried in a statement said Optimum has “failed” in its duty to furnish safe, adequate and proper service for its customers, adding, “We should not have to continuously pressure this provider to do its job.”

Attorneys for both townships sent letters to the New Jersey state Board of Public Utilities last week asking BPU

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Cloud and IT are empowering the modern workforce – and partnerships empower the modern telco

Sponsored It takes more than a strong internet connection for businesses to say they are evolving in today’s climate. Businesses must be agile and efficient to meet changing market requirements – and to take advantage of the growth opportunities offered, they need to incorporate new technology and tailored services that have holistic long-term digital perspective.

In this digital age, companies that provide convenience and efficiency are winning the game.

Eastern Communications, a Philippine-based telco, sees the need for businesses to leverage technology. The demand led the company to expand their network and evolve into a full-service provider of world-class telecommunications services for the modern workplace.

High speed global connectivity

Empowering global businesses such as banking and finance, transport and distribution, ICT and business process outsourcing companies, Eastern Communications provides enterprise-grade data services to ensure fast and reliable connection between geographically dispersed sites.

Eastern International Private Leased Line Circuit (IPLC) offers

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CenturyLink outage causes global Internet shutdown

The CenturyLink outage caused a major, global Internet breakdown this past weekend. Following a widespread assumption that a massive cyberattack took down the Internet on Sunday, an American multinational telecom company CenturyLink acknowledged its role in the global Internet shutdown.

Global Internet shutdown causes panic

The CenturyLink outage briefly took down the Internet in several parts of the world. The company acknowledged the issue in a tweet:

“We are able to confirm that all services impacted by today’s IP outage have been restored. We understand how important these services are to our customers, and we sincerely apologize for the impact this outage caused,” CenturyLink said on Sunday.

What all websites and networks were impacted?

As a result of the outage, a whole host of online services including Cloudflare, the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Amazon, Hulu became inaccessible. Cloudflare is responsible to keep the websites up and running. So, as soon

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