Learning From Home

For the students in your life, back-to-school shopping in 2020 may be more about enabling learning from home than in the classroom. The COVID-19 pandemic means that millions of students will return to their studies this year via remote learning, creating plenty of challenges. One, no doubt, is around technology: distance learning is not an option for most students unless they have a laptop or tablet. Gadgets such as headphones, webcams, monitors, docks and printers are also going to be a must-have for many students returning to a home-based classroom. To help with the back-to-school tech shopping effort, we’ve pulled together a number of cool new tech gadgets for students that are worth considering for the coming school year–such as the Apple iPad, Bose noise-canceling headphones, Apple AirPods and Chromebooks from companies such as HP Inc., Dell and Google.

What follows are our recommendations for back-to-school tech shopping in 2020.



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