5 prime reasons to integrate SiteLock security while hosting WordPress

WordPress websites are known for their robustness, visual appeal, ease-of-use and extendable functionality. But all these features will serve no purpose if your WordPress website is not secure. The cyber world is full of hackers trying to steal and misuse information on your website by injecting malware or cross-site scripts etc. Today, many users have resorted to SiteLock – a tool that protects websites from viruses and malware. Businesses as well as individuals have adopted this tool while hosting WordPress. One of the prime reasons is that it fits the requirements of a WordPress website like a glove. In addition to this benefit there are some more reasons for SiteLock’s popularity. Let us look at them one by one, shall we?

1. Scans for vulnerabilities on a daily basis

Hackers installing malware on your website can potentially take away all the important files, monetary transactions, critical details, damaging your website in the long run. Worse off, you have lost precious and critical information that took time to acquire within a matter of minutes. But all this can be avoided. SiteLock provides a total security check for malware, cross scripts, SQL etc. Thanks to its daily checkups and scanning for vulnerabilities, cyber threats are kept at bay.

2. It is easy to integrate

SiteLock’s popularity with WordPress is mainly because it reduces time-to-value for its customers. This advantage comes into being thanks to SiteLock’s easy integration with WordPress. Anyone that avails the security addon can install it in WordPress with a few clicks. 

3. It allows advanced scans for business data

SiteLock extracts data from more than 8 million websites worldwide and scans them for threats and vulnerabilities. It also detects the malware much in advance to make users aware of latent threats. This is how it works- businesses that host that website on the cloud need to keep their web pages secure. By integrating SiteLock, they can protect important information on the websites such as emails, billings, customer information etc. SiteLock scans all the information thoroughly and verifies the same. It is only after this full-fledged investigation that SiteLock allows any user or customer to access the information, keeping the data secure in the long run. 

4. It garners trust and authenticity

Any business would want their website’s safety not only for themselves but also for their customers and visitors. Businesses are aware that customers are wary of the threats and dangers present on websites. After hosting WordPress website, the website per se passes through security checks of SiteLock, only to get free of possible cyber threats like DDoS etc. Once the website undergoes these checks, it displays a seal of trust and authenticity only to allow users a safe experience. With this, visitors are ensured that this WordPress website is protected by a secure provider and that there is no danger of experiencing the website.

5. It boosts overall reputation of the website 

SiteLock’s seal of authenticity bolsters the overall reputation of the website only to win the trust of customers. As online reputation improves, businesses can feel safer in the digital ecosystem and do business without any hesitation. Moreover, WordPress websites can be protected via SiteLock’s extensive scanning that monitors emails and search engines that have been blacklisted. This betters the reputation of the online business/website, by allowing clear communication between the business and their customers. 

Other additional benefits 

WordPress websites benefit through SiteLock’s notifications for file changes as well as updates. This allows one to track the changes and identify any malpractice on the website. Now, the question remains, will hosting WordPress with SiteLock integrating trouble you with unnecessary security updates? It depends on how you want to look at this question. Frequent updates allow you to monitor the site and keep a check on possible attacks. This assures you of the website’s safety and helps you to focus on the business. Hope you have enjoyed reading about integrating SiteLock while hosting WordPress. Make sure that you avail both from the same hosting provider to avail a discounted combo package.