6 Negative Impacts of Technology on the Environment

Technology is another product and impact of civilization on our lives in general. With technology, lives have become easier. Like everything that’s not constant, technology has improved in value and development over the centuries since its invention.

Although technology has impacted all our lives positively, there have been negative impacts and effects on everything in existence. Humans, animals, the water, the land, the whole environment, in general, have been affected by technology negatively in one way or another. UK.collected.reviews has reviews of the best energy network that shows that their efficiency has caused different negative impacts on the environment.

Here are some of the bad impacts technology has on the environment.

·       Pollution:

Pollution occurs when harmful toxins, materials and substances are released into the environment. Pollution occurs in different ways; in air, in water, on land, as noise too. All harmful substances lead back to technology. Different substances cause different types of pollution. For air pollution, toxic gases to humans such as carbon dioxide produced. These gases are from technological advances. Domestic and industrial wastes, pesticides, and insecticides are common water pollutants. Plastic and noise from vehicles and industries are land and noise pollution, respectively.

·       Health Hazards:

Pollution releases toxic substances into the environment. Due to technology, industrial wastes, human wastes, chemical substances, plastics, domestic wastes and other harmful substances cause health hazards in the environment. The waste gases cause harm to the humans living in the environment. The other wastes, such as plastics, human waste, pollute water, and poison the fishes and kill them.

·       Electronic waste:

Also known as E-waste, electronic waste is the end product of technological devices that have been discarded. Of all the electronic devices we discard, only a very small percentage of them are recycled. This becomes a problem and harms the environment. They are dumped in landfill sites or burned in dumpsites. These disposal methods put the environment at risk by putting non-biodegradable wastes in the environment.

·       Carbon footprint and massive energy use:

Technology uses a huge amount of energy to work and use resources to make the devices and technological advancement results we use today. The factories and industries processing raw materials use up a huge chunk of energy from the Environment. Transportation of the products also uses energy and carbon. The use of technological devices affects the carbon in the Environment.

·       Depletion of natural resources:

To make technological products and devices, many different natural resources are used. However, natural resources are mostly non-renewable resources. Due to the constant use of these resources, the stash and natural reserve of these resources decrease daily.

·       Disruption of ecology:

The places where these technological wastes, buildings, industries, dumps and other things that affect the Environment are disposed of also pose a problem. Animals may have to move away from their natural habitat or even get poisoned, and these acts disturb the natural cycle.

As great as technology is for us all, there are so many negative impacts it has had on the Environment.