Gun is used to keep people safe. But if do not use properly then it can cause damages. In this article, all the important gun safety rules are discussed.

These rules are made so that you can not harm yourself or risk other lives. That’s why Gun safety rules are necessary.

Here are some basics of gun safety rules that you should follow.

1. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction

This is the basic rule for gun safety. There will be less chance of an accident if you point the muzzle in a safe direction.

A safe direction means there is nothing in this direction that get harm by a bullet. This rule is simple and easy to follow Because you just have to set a muzzle position.

Try not to point your gun at something that you do not want to shoot. It is an important thing to notice when you load or unload the gun. In this case, when the gun is discharged accidentally no one gets harm until the muzzle is in a safe direction.

You should never point the gun at an unsafe target even when you do dry firing with an unloaded gun.

It is considered good practice to always check your muzzle direction when you are not using it.

2. Firearms should not be loaded when not actually in use

You should only load your guns when you are on the field or need to target something.

Keep guns and ammunition separate from each other in a safe place when they are not in use.

As a gun holder, it is your responsibility to keep it safe from other people and especially from children.

As soon as possible unload your gun when you finish using it. A loaded gun is something that you can not carry with yourself. If you want to carry it then unload it first.

Also, there are some rules for actions that you do not do with a loaded gun. So, try to unload it immediately without wasting a time.

3. Do not rely on your gun’s safety

Safety is a mechanical device on a gun that like other devices does not corporate at crucial times. Moreover, the gun’s safety option may be actually off when you think it is on.

Never assume that guns will not shot automatically when the safety is on. Also, do not touch the trigger when you do not want to target anything. Try to keep your finger away during unloading or loading.

There are possibilities that your gun will fire when it is in the rest state. So keep it away from the things or place in a safe direction so that no one gets hurt.

4. Be sure of your target and what’s beyond it

When a gun fires, you lose all control over it. There is no way that you reverse the process and go back in time. So, keep an eye on your gun after you use it.

This is the most dangerous stage when there are high possibilities that your gun will shoot. Be sure about your target. Take some time to think about all the possibilities that can occur after you fire the gun.

No target is important that you just fire the gun without thinking about any consequences. Always put the effort into the firing process.

5. Use correct ammunition

Only select the right ammunition for your gum. Always read the gun manual first before using it. Manual consists of all the necessary information about that product and guidelines on how to use it.

If you use the wrong ammunition then it can damage your gun or can harm yourself. It only takes a minute to check all the components. Make sure that your ammunition suits all the requirements of the gun.

If your ammunition becomes wet do not use it. Also, do not use any kind of oil spray on ammunition. Because it results in poor performance and harm to things. Make it a habit to check every cartridge of your gun.

6. If your gun fails to fire when the trigger is pulled, handle with care!

When you pull the trigger and cartridge do not fire then point your muzzle in a safe direction. From the breech, keep your face away. Open the gun’s action safely, unload your gun and remove the cartridge.

Sometimes it happens that your gun does not fire even when the cartridge is in the chamber and the gun is loaded. Do not trust your cartridge because it can go off anytime. To handle this case, keep the muzzle direction in a safe place.

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If you use a gun with proper care it is helpful for you but if somehow you do not take care of it becomes dangerous.

A single gunshot is enough to harm someone or even you can hurt yourself. Always keep a gun in a safe place away from people especially from children.

By using the gun safety rules you can avoid all the problems that a gun can cause. These rules play an important role to save your lives and important assets.