7 Important Uses of Deploying Network Traffic Analysis Tools to Keep Your Business Secure

Large, small, online, and offline businesses exist because they provide valuable products and services to the world around them. Without these businesses, many people would have to go without essential goods and services that help improve the quality of their lives and make them happier. However, no matter how fantastic your business’s products or services are, it can still be at risk from hackers trying to steal your data or an unscrupulous competitor who wants to cripple your business and put you out of the picture.

1.   Helps Identify and Isolate Users that Exhibit Malicious Behavior

Network traffic analysis toolshelp to identify and isolate traffic, systems, and users that exhibit malicious behavior on your network. They’re valuable because they can run in the background and collect detailed information on events in your network. That gives you a rich picture of the most frequent types of malware and their typical command-and-control channels so that you can defend against them proactively.

It also alerts about unusual activity, making it easier to catch an intrusion as it’s happening or soon after. You might discover these threats through targeted campaigns from attackers or by spotting infected machines on your network. These are essential features if you want to understand how attacks work, take steps to protect yourself from future intrusions, and stay up-to-date with evolving threats like crypto mining malware or IoT botnets.

2.   Provide a High Level of Visibility into Encrypted Networks.

A network sniffer is software that monitors and analyzes network traffic. Unlike content filtering, which screens out unwanted material at the company firewall, a sniffer examines all traffic on the network to look for patterns of behavior that might be unusual or suspicious.For example, it can detect what protocols are in use, whether they are unencrypted (e.g., FTP), and what data is transmitting. By looking at what’s happening inside the company’s networks rather than just stopping intruders from entering them, a sniffer can provide a high level of visibility into encrypted networks where other security measures may not work.

Professional cyber-security consultants like Sangfor Technologies use this software to monitor their clients’ networks for unauthorized access and hacker activity. The computer systems administrator uses this software to monitor their corporate networks for any malicious activity that could jeopardize business operations, such as attempted break-ins or virus attacks. Also, if you can’t trust manufacturers’ claims about a device’s ability to protect itself against outside intrusion – only extensive testing will show if it meets the requirements.

3.   It Helps Record Actual Network Activity for Forensic evidence in a security incident.

Knowing what is happening on your network can help you identify breaches and allow you to respond quickly. Network traffic analysis tools from Sangfor Technologies can help keep your business secure by recording actual network activity and providing forensic evidence during a security incident. They also offer visibility into network activity that may not be visible through traditional methods, such as monitoring alerts or access logs.

The software protects against malware and ransomware, detects intrusion attempts, filters unwanted traffic, reports threats, and monitors bandwidth usage and packets. Data from the network traffic analysis tool can help optimize the efficiency of existing systems, reduce false positives and provide assurance.

4.   Helps Monitor Sensitive Data While it Travels Between Systems

A network traffic analysis tool can help monitor sensitive data travels between systems. With these tools, businesses of all sizes can monitor their networks from a single location. If something looks suspicious, take the appropriate action to determine whether it is an actual security risk.

To keep your data secure, you must monitor sensitive data while it travels between systems. You can achieve that by hiring an expert in cyber security like Sangfor Technologies, who will install the network traffic analysis tool on your servers and computer workstations. You can also install it on one computer and let it run as a standalone system or get a network monitoring appliance that does not need installation.

5.   Helps in Web Traffic Analysis

Web traffic analysis can be tricky. However, installing network traffic analysis tools will help simplify the process by eliminating various vulnerabilities and threats. Network traffic analysis tools also allow security professionals to monitor network utilization and bandwidth to ensure that employees use their allotted bandwidth efficiently, reducing costs associated with bandwidth upgrades.

If you are interested in installing new hardware but do not know what would work best for your company, consider contacting a team of experts at Sangfor Technologies. They have a great experience with networks, IT infrastructure installations, cyber security, and commands.

6.   Helps Measure Network Bandwidth Usage and Capacity Planning

One of the most valuable uses of deploying Network Traffic Analysis tools is measuring network bandwidth usage and capacity planning. It’s vital that your business has enough data capacity to support traffic volumes andknow how much they are using to estimate their needs.

Understanding which aspects of your network might be experiencing latency will allow you to allocate resources accordingly. For example, if your application servers aren’t performing well due to a lack of bandwidth, you would invest in additional bandwidth for those servers. The result is better performance, increased employee productivity, and happier customers.

7.   Helps Centralize Key Management and Permission Controls

Network traffic analysis tools can also help centralize key management and permission controls. With the large amounts of data analyzed, it is essential to organize the networks and create policies around who has access to what data. These tools can also assist in creating and enforcing compliance standards with your company’s policies, including appropriate use of IT resources, security standards, or privacy rules.

They will ensure that people are accessing and sharing only the information they are supposed to have access to while preventing them from seeing anything they shouldn’t see. One of the most important things these tools can do is notify you when a user has exceeded their allowed usage level on an application or service within your network. Users might not know when they have crossed these limits, leading to more issues later on, such as hacking attempts against your systems or even ransomware attacks.


The analysis tools are helpful in regards to malicious hackers and organizations looking to track network traffic and reduce bottlenecks. Many resources are available to help you use these tools correctly to get the most out of them and minimize the risk of compromising your business. However, hiring reliable and experienced cybersecurity professionals is a great way to ensure that you have the best chance of keeping your company secure from threats. These professionals will be able to identify any vulnerabilities that may exist in your system or on your website and address them immediately before it’s too late.