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Having a hard time adapting to your new work setting at home during the pandemic?

A few gadgets might be just what you need to spruce up your work area. The good news is you can find every possible gadget you may need at SM mall.

Here are some work-from-home essentials that you can find at an SM mall near you:

The latest smartphone. Smartphones are now on a whole other level with upgraded features like triple-sensor cameras, ultra-HD display, enhanced privacy protection, 5G mobile network, and more.

Super-fast connection. From having virtual meetings to sending important files via e-mail, the internet is what makes working remotely possible. SM partnered with Smart and PLDT to offer you various postpaid and monthly Wi-Fi plans that can give you strong, stable, and unlimited connection at home.

A sleek multi-port adapter. A multi-port adapter can be useful if you have a lot of devices that you have to plug in to your laptop. With this gadget, you can stay connected with your speakers, flash drives, phone, and more all at once.

Stylish noise-cancelling headphones. Can’t concentrate or understand your meetings because of the noise in your house? Why not add a good set of noise-cancelling headphones to your home office set-up?

External hard disk drive. If your work requires a large volume of files and documents, an external hard drive can come in handy.

High-quality printers and scanners. Need to scan or print a document for work? No more printing delays as SM offers a range of affordable, high-quality printers and scanners perfect for your WFH set-up.

Ergonomic office chairs. Nothing beats a cozy ergonomic chair, especially now that most of us have shifted to work-from-home available at SM Home.

Spacious work desks. Boost your productivity at home and invest on a clean, spacious computer desk to make your workspace look like you’re just in the office.

For more information, #CheckCyberzone or visit www.smsupermalls.com.

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