A Complete Guide To Scoring Good Grades In Class 8th

Every student wishes to achieve the top rank in their class. After all, who doesn’t like being recognized as the ‘class topper’? But let’s face it; no one’s born a topper. It is something that you achieve after working really hard. Scoring the top position in your class requires you to have more than just the right set of study material. It requires you to be consistent with your studies, has a streamlined study plan, and most importantly, have the motivation to score highly. 

Class 8th isn’t a very difficult class, and the syllabus for all subjects is quite easy to grasp. You just need to have the right approach for dealing with this subject, and you will be good to go! As such, if you are aiming at scoring the highest grades in class 8th, here are a few tips that will be of great help to you! 

Get A Proper Understanding Of the Syllabus

Before sitting down to study, get a good grasp of the syllabus of all subjects. Preparing a good study plan will only depend upon your grasp of the syllabus. Also, go through the weightage of each chapter, as this will help you in planning your schedule better. This needs to be done for all subjects without fail. 

Give Equal Time To Each Subject

Every subject requires ample preparation time and an equal amount of effort. A lot of students make the mistake of taking certain subjects for granted, and end up giving all their time to a few subjects that they find difficult. However, this approach needs to be altered. You must take every subject seriously, and give enough hours to all subjects. You can devote some extra hours to subjects that call for more time and effort, but do not neglect the rest of the subjects completely. 

Make Time Table 

The importance of maintaining a timetable is quite stressed upon, and rightfully so. As such, before digging into the study material, make a time table. Your time table should consist of the name of chapters/topics you will cover on a daily basis, and the number of hours you will give to each topic, chapter, or subject. Make sure your timetable is achievable and not vague. Adding enough breaks in between is also important. Also, try making a subject-wise time table. It will help you give equal time to each subject. 

Subject Wise Approach To Study 

Every subject is different and requires a different approach for studying. While maths requires a lot of practice, social science calls for memorising timelines, and a lot more. As such, you need to approach each subject in a manner that’s unique to it. As such, here’s a subject-wise approach that will help you in achieving good scores in class 8th. 

Language Subjects (English & Hindi)

Class 8th English and Hindi exams are divided into- Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Literature. For the reading part, you must refer to sample papers and practice sample comprehension passages. The writing section demands you to remember formats carefully, be creative, and practice enough to improve your writing skills. For grammar, you can refer to the various grammar books available on the market, and check out CBSE Class 8 Sample Question Papers. Grammar questions are usually quite basic. Finally, the literature section is based entirely on the NCERT book. As such, make sure you go through all the chapters in the book carefully, highlight important points, make notes, and practice back questions. Use the aforementioned approach for preparing for both of these subjects, and you’ll be able to score quite well! 


Now, maths comprises a lot of things. There’s a theory, formulas, calculations, and much more. As such, preparing for the math exam requires a different approach. For this subject, refer to your NCERT on priority. The NCERT contains a thorough explanation of concepts, supported with examples and practice questions at the back of each chapter. You can also refer to additional resources including reference books like RD Sharma Solutions and RS Aggarwal Solutions that are considered to be the best of the lot! 


For science, start with going through the content part of your NCERT book, and understand the syllabus thoroughly. Now science is a complex subject, so make sure that you pay complete attention to your classroom lectures. Go through all the chapters thoroughly, and make notes of important points. Also, science is a practical subject, and you will have to score in practicals separately, so be absolutely present during lab sessions, and get a thorough understanding of all the experiments. 

Social Science 

Class 8th Social Science course consists of topics based on History, Geography, Political Science. It is very important to make notes for this subject, as they will come in handy during revision. There’s a lot to remember, so try writing down the answers more than once, as this will help in retaining information better. Also, make sticky notes of important timelines, and points. Also, go through back questions, sample papers, and previous year question papers in the most utmost detail to get well-versed with the type of questions and weightage. 

Take Help Of Your Teachers/ Seniors 

If you are stuck somewhere, do not fret, and seek help from your teachers. They will give you a proper understanding of everything. In case you are too scared to talk to your teachers, you can also reach out to your seniors as you can be more casual with them and they will also be able to guide you. 

Keep Your Mind Relaxed 

Another important thing to keep in mind while preparing for class 8th exams is to keep calm. It is important to keep your mind clear and stress-free. As such, make sure you take some time off to relax in between your studies. You can also indulge in meditation as it will help you in calming down and concentrate better while studying. 

Be Prepared On The Day Of Exam

Finally, students need to be absolutely prepared on the day of the exam as well. Go through revision notes before the exam, and make sure you carry all the stationery items to avoid any hindrance during the exam. Also, do not panic, and keep calm.