LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Telecom service providers in the US telecommunications industry have witnessed immense growth opportunities due to the rapid pace of the transformations. However, there are various challenges in the US telecommunications industry as well. For instance, increasing overhead costs, higher security threats, and rising investment in digital technologies. To successfully overcome these challenges, top players in the US telecommunications industry are leveraging market intelligence solutions. Market intelligence solutions help companies in the US telecommunications industry, focus on customer-centric solutions, and stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace. To leverage our market intelligence expertise into the US telecommunications industry, request a free proposal.

“The changing customer demands, internet of things, and evolving ICT innovations are making the US telecom industry far more complex than they were a decade back. To succeed, telecom companies need to focus on providing customized solutions to their customers and developing long-term relationships with them,” says a US telecommunications industry expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a European telecom company, wanted to expand into the US telecommunications industry. However, before doing so, the client sought to understand the threats and opportunities within the industry. They wanted to revamp their business models to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving US telecommunications industry, with the help of comprehensive insights into the market. The client leveraged Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions to expand into the US telecommunications industry successfully. During the eight-week engagement, the client also wanted to understand the role of digital technologies in the market, ensure better operational support for customers, and identify all risks in the industry.

Our Approach:

Infiniti’s market intelligence experts developed a market entry plan to assist the client in expanding to the US telecommunications industry, which included the following:

  • Market opportunity analysis to help the client review market entry barriers and market readiness
  • Competitive intelligence engagement to help the client analyze the business strategies of the top players in the US telecommunications industry
  • Risk assessment to help the client identify current and potential risks in the US telecommunications industry
  • Evaluate capital requirements and identify the right partners

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Business Outcome:

By leveraging Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions, the client was able to understand the market size, market opportunities, growth rate, and potential risks of the US telecommunications industry. Our experts also helped the client understand and build strategies to respond to challenges and competitive threats in the US telecommunications industry. Further, the client was able to evaluate the potential for their services and devise a risk management strategy for the US telecommunications industry. Within two years of entering the US telecommunications industry, they were able to establish themselves as one of the top 10 telecom service providers in the US.

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