Are You Losing SEO Rankings due to Poor Website Security?

When was the last time you seriously thought about website security? And when was the last time you spent time looking through the latest security trends for your site? Organizations are spending billions of dollars on SEO, marketing, and more with a very little percentage of people actually thinking about website security.  As an SEO company in India, you’ve probably spent a lot in marketing and SEO but you need to take into consideration why website security is important. Everyday, small and medium businesses get attacked by malware or ransomware which not only causes important information to get leaked but client data and ends up being way costlier as compared to just installing website security in the first place. If your website is compromised, your entire business is compromised.

Here are a couple of tips to follow:

  • Get security plug-ins installed

As the bestweb design company India will tell you that small businesses on average get attacked 44 times each day and around 150 million times every week by software ‘bots. This is for both WordPress and non-WordPress sites. This leads to hackers stealing your data, client/customer information, and even access to your site, this will not only spoil your brand in the eyes of your customers but will also affect your SEO rankings. To prevent this from taking place, you need to enhance your website security with plugins.

hese plugins not only block off malware attacks and other viruses but will harden security on your website and address the vulnerabilities for each platform, as well as other hacks and applications that could pose a threat to your website.

  • Keep your passwords strong

As anSEO company in India, it is easy to install a password that you can remember easily but keep in mind that an easy password can be hacked and you cannot afford to take such risks. Make an effort to install a secure password which is a mix of letters, numbers, special characters, capitals, and more, and make it long, ensure that your team also adds long and complex passwords to their own sites while logging in and make a mental note to remember it.

  • Constantly update your website

Did you know the presence of vulnerabilities in CMS extendible components is the highest cause of website infections? This is due to the codes used which most of the time are easily accessible and created as open-source software programs which means third parties and hackers will get access to them too. See if you can install an SSL – some sites begin with HTTPS:// while others are just HTTP:// the ‘s’ is a way to showing that your website has added security, is encrypted and secure not only for your customers and clients but also for your brand. Any data imputed on this site is safe and this will make your customers feel safer when it comes to buying products and services.

How can a website’s security affect SEO and traffic?

Attackers do not care about your site in terms of traffic or size and some of what they do includes blacklisting. Blacklisting removes your website from search engines and most sites do not receive any notification which means they are repeatedly targeted for ransomware and malware attacks. This leads to the continual loss of money; reputation and no customer want to buy from a site that has anomalous behavior. Finding yourself on a blacklist ruins your chance for SEO, search engines like Google will not want you on their search index and your SEO will fall right down.

Another way is scraper bots crawl sites to get content, block search engine bots and steal your data. Your search engine rankings can take a hit when scraper bots create duplicate content of your site on another location. Routine analysis of log files with special tools can produce a huge list of bots crawling your site and it can identify their source so you can remove the bad from the good.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you need to ensure that you take all necessary precautions and not only install strong website security and applications on your site but always begin with an https and think about investing in a surveillance system that monitors your site 24/7. If you are unable to do so then hire a professional SEO agency who can take all precautions, run your site, and keep a check on it daily to ensure its smooth functioning.