Best times to play bingo

When isn’t a good time to play Barbadosbingo?! If you’re a bingo lover, I’m sure you’ll agree that pretty much anytime is a perfect time to play bingo – apart from in the shower, maybe. However, some players believe that there are certain times that are better than others if you want the best chance of winning bingo. Let’s delve a little deeper and find out when the best time to play bingo is!  

When to play bingo to win 

There are multiple factors to consider which all contribute to if you win bingo and bingo is the ultimate game of luck as the numbers which are drawn are completely random and cannot be manipulated. 

However, some players believe that you have a greater chance of shouting “bingo!” in success if you play at a certain time of the day. This can vary dramatically depending on the player, as some players believe the early bird catches the worm and that you’re more likely to win if you play early in the morning. However, on the flip side, some players swear by playing late in the evening for success. 

It seems that different players have differing opinions on the best time to play bingo, so who is right? Or is this all just superstition and coincidence? 

Avoid peak times 

If you want to know when the best time to play bingo is, firstly you’ll need to check out when the peak hours for playing bingo is especially if you’re looking at playing a certain game. Once you know when the peak times are, this will help you to work out when the best time to play will be as you can have more of an indication of when it won’t be as busy – which is you play in a land-based bingo hall or casino a huge benefit and can mean you’ll have a greater chance of winning when there are fewer players to compete against. 

With many land-based casinos/bingo halls, early in the morning and during weekdays often attracts fewer players or late in the evening. Although there is no guarantees you will win and you’ll still need Lady Luck on your side, playing at quieter times in a brick and mortar casino or bingo hall could give you an increased chance of winning.  

The best time to play online Bingo 

Many players now choose to play bingo online from the comfort of their own home instead of venturing out to a land-based bingo hall or casino, and we don’t blame them, playing bingo online is extremely fun and convenient. 

Another perk of playing online is you can play whenever you like and your gameplay isn’t dictated by the opening time of the casino or bingo hall. If you prefer to stay up late and play bingo, this could work to your advantage as many players don’t play after 11pm for example or if you’re an early riser, the majority of players don’t play before 5am. So, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can make this work in your favour to give you a better chance of winning!