Norton is one of the antivirus programs that are usually installed on laptops by default to Norton Full Internet Security. This is one of the best-known commercial antivirus and, also, one that gets the best marks in the AV-Test security tests. However, what is installed by default is usually a 3-month trial version and, if we are not attentive, the how to cancel norton subscription and get refund will indeed expire, and we will be unprotected.

In Windows 10, one of the best ant viruses that we can have installed is Windows Defender. This is Microsoft’s official antivirus, which is installed by default together with Windows 10, capable of protecting the same level as any other commercial antivirus. Unfortunately, as long as OEM antivirus, like Norton, is not entirely uninstalled from the computer, we cannot activate this antivirus to avoid conflicts.

How to remove Norton from Windows 10

Norton can usually be uninstalled from Windows 10 like any other application or program. This antivirus has its uninstaller, so it is registered in the list of operating system programs, so when it is installed, we can remove it.

To do this, we have to open the Windows 10 Settings menu (from the start menu, for example) and go to the “Applications” and “Applications and features” section. In the list of applications that appears here, the Norton antivirus will appear.

Uninstall Norton from Windows 10

We must click on the “Uninstall” option and follow the wizard that will appear to delete this antivirus. This assistant will ask us if we want to save or delete the antivirus data and settings. Unless we plan to install it later, it is best to delete everything to eliminate all these antivirus traces.

Uninstall Norton W10 Wizard

When the wizard uninstalls this antivirus finishes and restarts the computer, we will have deleted Norton from our PC.

Another way to uninstall the antivirus is from the start menu. If we have located the antivirus icon, we can right-click on it to uninstall it from our computer just as we just did. The wizard will appear. We follow it to the end and restart the PC.

How to safely remove antivirus with its Remove and Reinstall tool

The Windows uninstaller often leaves traces of this antivirus on the computer. Although they shouldn’t give us problems, these traces can eventually lead to false positives or compatibility issues.

Therefore, if we want to erase this antivirus without leaving a trace completely, the best we can do is choose to use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. This tool is completely free, and we can download it from the web link.

Once downloaded, we run it on the computer and, after accepting the license terms, we will see a window like the one below.

This window will allow us to¬†cancel norton subscription¬†completely. As we do not want to install it, click on “Advanced options” and thus choose the option “only remove “.

This wizard will remind us that when we uninstall the antivirus, we will be unprotected.

We accept the notice, we continue and in a few seconds, or a couple of minutes, Norton will be completely and safely removed from our computer. After restarting the computer, we can see that there is no slightest trace of this antivirus.

How to cancel Norton

Norton Antivirus software, developed by Symantec, is available for use through an annual recurring subscription. When you buy Norton, you are required to provide your credit card information to Symantec. This credit card is charged, and you are entitled to a one-year license to use the software to help protect your computer. Symantec automatically points to your auto-renew account. After the one-year subscription period has elapsed, the credit card that you initially provided will be charged again unless you manually disable the recurring payment option in your Symantec account.


  1. Go to the “My Norton Account” web page. Sign in with the username and password you chose when you initially signed up for your Norton subscription.

2 Access the “Automatic Renewal” page by clicking the link at the top of the screen.

3 Uncheck all the boxes next to the Norton products listed that you want to cancel.

4 Click “Update” to complete the automatic renewal cancellation process.