You all might be aware of the fact that Mother’s Day is just approaching in a few weeks. Which means everyone will be on the run to hunt for the perfect gift to honor their mothers for coping up with them all these years.

A gift does not entirely redeem us for a lifetime; after all, how can the value of a single gift given on a specific day be equal to the number of times our mother has fed us, taken care of us, put through with our tantrums for all these years, cleaned us up and gave us unconditional love as well as put our safety first before theirs. A mother is really a blessing brought down for us by God.

Apart from that, in order to return a tiny portion of such kindness, we can add the same approach and wrap up the gift in style. A pair of fancy sunglasses coated with material that protect the eyes from certain rays is the perfect partner for our mothers to wear. Glasses are not invented for us to see better, instead they are equipped with the technology that blocks penetration of blue light, UV rays, and cataracts, etc.

SmartBuyGlasses is one of the leading eyewear retailers; they offer more than 180 international eyewear brands along with affordable prices online. They offer a Virtual Try-on service that helps you visualize the sunglasses to see how they would look on you online.

Clear Cat Eye Frames

Arise Collective Virginia Blue Light 005

Equip Yourself with These Eye-Catching Sunglasses This Mother’s Day

Clear transparent frames are a hit in the market this year! These sunglasses are adaptable and would definitely blend in with any of Mum’s outfits. Combine the cat-eye frames with an evergreen face lifting shape, and you will have the perfect eyewear.

Converse CV5022Y Kids 260

These sunglasses are made of a very durable material called acetate, which makes the accessory lightweight and hypoallergenic. If your mother is constantly on her phone or tablet to watch shows, serials, and even read books online, then you can gear this fancy sunglasses with the Vision Directs zFORT™ blue light block to block the penetration of blue light while using mobile phones, tablets, or watching the television. 

Gold Aviator Glasses

Ray-Ban RX6489 2500

The aviator sunglasses were originally built for fighter pilots with a refined teardrop shape to provide full protection to their eyes as well as stretching the lens to go beyond their cheeks. The Ray-Ban brand will be the perfect classic style that will sit well with the eyes of any mother.

Smart Buy Kids Change Blue-Light Block MK3-47D

Classy designs as well as eye protection blend in perfectly now. These SmartBuyGlasses are only 295kr that are equipped with blue light glasses protection. It is an ultimate mini-Mom compliment style with the gold metal body.

On the contrary, to add a coating of your choice, you don’t actually need a prescription of any sort. You only need to choose the coating that you want to add to your favorite sunglasses. Coating of materials can be off, blue-light protection, photochromatic, as well as anti-reflective.