A vacuum sealer, when used diligently, will extend the shelf life of every type of food imaginable. That means your garbage disposal and trash can will cease to be the best-fed members of your household!

I am more convinced than ever that healthy eating is one of the most effective ways to reduce health care costs. That’s why I thought we needed a powerful juicer to make healthy smoothies every morning. So, I purchased a highly rated juicer — and used it exactly two times before it became a dust-collector and space-occupier.

Cleaning the thing was so difficult and time-consuming that it became more of a problem than a solution. Whoops.

Another problem? Juicers don’t make smoothies! Powerful, professional-grade blenders do.

So, eight years ago, I donated the juicer to a friend who could use it and replaced it with a Blendtec. That exact model Blendtec is still available at a much-reduced price from what I paid.

No one was more surprised than I by what a terrific money-saver a dehydrator can be. Of course, you have to actually use it. But when you do, you’ll be quite amazed.

The cost of dehydrating your own food is a fraction of the cost of commercially dehydrated foods, and it doesn’t require any additives or preservatives.

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