Learning or working remotely has been a big convenience during the pandemic.

HISD investigating ‘inappropriate communications’ to students while learning online



But it also comes with big concerns.

“You know, there are going to be issues because that’s just technology,” Michael Garfield, the “High Tech Texan,” said.

Garfield wasn’t surprised to hear that multiple Houston ISD students or families reported inappropriate communications while learning online.

It’s something the district announced Wednesday that it is thoroughly investigating.

“We are taking steps to disable certain functions on the platform to prevent further instances of disruptive, intrusive and inappropriate messages to students,” HISD wrote in a statement.

“You know, there’s always third party, fourth party, fifth party hackers,” said Garfield. “It could also be a prank by students.”

HISD said the issues occurred while students used Microsoft Teams, a platform for hosting online classes.

It’s unclear how pervasive HISD’s issue is.

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However, a number of parents and teachers told us they’ve personally had no issues with intrusions while learning online.

Although students can chat with each other and may need to be closely monitored, depending on their age.

“If you see something pop-up, if you see somebody who is on that video conference who is not supposed to be on that video conference, I would get off immediately and report it,” said Garfield.

That’s good advice no matter why you’re online.

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