Instagram is one of the visual marketing platforms for businesses to expand their audience base. With over one billion users on Instagram, it has emerged as one of the most effective platforms for growing the audience base. However, you need to know which techniques to implement for heightening the popularity of your business.

No wonder various brands highlight their presence when they buy more followers on Instagram from reputed sources. Instagram also has a multitude of brand-friendly features, which is making marketers more addicted to this platform. As Instagram is fast becoming the social platform to focus, here are a few ways to research to grow a following here.

Using the Right Hashtags

When your goal is to grow the audience on Instagram, you must engage the followers regularly. Therefore, start with posting interesting and enticing photographs to satisfy the initial quest of the audience. Going forward, you will know the significance of hashtag for your images, which makes it easy for people to discover our presence on Instagram.

Choose the Right Hashtags

Now the question is which hashtags to use. Using popular hashtags with the images help you access new users. Therefore, you should conduct adequate research to ensure that using the right hashtags can describe your brand appropriately. When tagging the photos on Instagram, look forward to online tools for the right hashtags.

Videos Stories and Live Videos

Instagram initially began as a platform for sharing photos, but now it is growing beyond images only. Today, you can access several other features, such as live videos, Stories, and videos. Therefore, brands can focus on engaging the audience with different styles of content.

Today, you have more reasons to post new content as the average engagement of videos is growing rapidly than ordinary engagement. Moreover, if you go live on Instagram, your presence can appear in front of the Stories feed. About sixty per cent of brands believe that Stories is an important aspect of the social media strategy.

Using the Best Filters

You should not only pay heed to keyword hashtags as the community of Instagram also pays attention to photo filters. Therefore, using preferred filters can make the community respond to your posts and enhance the engagement level. You should explore different types of filters before choosing the right option. Today, you also have a plethora of websites from where to buy cheap Instagram likes to boost the engagement level.

Posting At the Right Time

Besides using suitable hashtags and appropriate filters, the timing of posting also plays a significant role in growing a massive audience. Typically, you should analyse what worked for your brand previously. Try to get insights from Instagram Analytics for business accounts. Furthermore, you can also rely on a scheduling tool of social media for publishing the posts automatically when the audience stays most engaged on Instagram.

Sharing User-Generated Content

 When the aim is to grow your audience on Instagram, a substantial percentage of growth can come through user-generated content. Brands can garner the best of user-generated content from the web world and use it on their Instagram network.

Organising Photo Contests

With Instagram hashtags, it becomes easy to collect photographs related to a different theme, and several brands can utilise this feature to organise photo contests. Users can post photos and share them with hashtag.

Staying Consistent

Mist followers notice your presence not because of what you posted previously, but what your posts hold for the future. Your audience wants to know what they can get when they hit the follow button. Therefore, consistency is one of the key aspects to note while publishing posts on Instagram. The pace at which you publish the post can impact the following and take your business to new heights.