How To Improve Class 4 English Grammar

Class 4 is a stepping stone for progressing into middle high. It holds a lot of significance in the life of any student. This is mainly because the grammar taught in standard 4 forms the fundamental of a student’s English grammar knowledge. Therefore, it is quite essential to pay attention to the rules of grammar taught by the teachers. The reference books used by the student should be top-notch so that he could avoid any confusion regarding the basic rules of grammar. NCERT books for class 4 English are strongly suggested for this purpose which are readily made available for the student.

Tips For Better Grammar

  • Since this is an impressionable age, a student must actively try to communicate in English with his peers and family members. English speaking is a habit that must be inculcated in a student at early stages of life for long term benefits. Speaking in English helps the student in increasing his stronghold on the subject and also with continued speaking, there is a considerable improvement in the grammar skills with due time. Peer group should be chosen as such that they try and motivate the student to actively work on their skills.
  •  A dictionary should always be available for checking proper pronunciation of words as well as learning to use them in the right context. The NCERT book is a proper guide for the correct usage of words. Apart from that, a student must be well versed with all the rules of grammar i.e it should be at the tip of their tongue. Once a student is confident enough with the rules, a practice sheet could be handed over to the student for better clarity. The improvement in grammar of a student is directly proportional to the number of practice sheets that he has solved.
  • There are some cases in English grammar where the rules tend to bend and hence may lead to quite an unexpected answer to a question. Such cases should be memorized by the students along with their proper use so that they can save themselves from making unwanted mistakes. Synonyms should be used as an alternative to mostly used words to enhance the appeal of the text. NCERT books have these examples highlighted for the betterment of the students and also to ensure that students pay proper attention to these examples.
  •  Engage in scholarly activities with peers. This might help a student in reducing anxiety and stress. The best way to learn grammar is through the continued use of grammar. Therefore, it is important to maintain a winning streak. For continued practice, a student might consider participating in IIMUNs, debates and other competitions that test their speaking skills. This might add to their grammar skills as well as affect their overall personality development. Spell-bees are also worth the student’s attention as they put both the vocabulary as well as grammar skills of a student to test. English Olympiads are also held for students of standard 4 which serves another alternative for a practice source.
  •  Games designed especially for people to improve their grammar skills could also be tested. Several games like that are available on the internet as the testing material. At this tender age, a student is mostly expected to learn through fun activities rather than mugging up books for learning. The  NCERT book has multiple such exercises that help in upgrading the imaginative intellect of a student. It is one of the best sources for efficient practice and holistic development of a student.

                         What not to do

  •  Avoid interacting with students in Hindi because that would result in a lack of practice on the part of a student. It is the responsibility of the teacher to keep a check on the students and motivate them to speak better English. Hindi is the mother tongue for most of the students in school which is why a lot of them are fluent in Hindi whereas a student is taught English mostly in schools and not a lot of it is used by the parents at home. If interactions in Hindi persevere then the student might find it difficult to learn a proper usage of the English language.
  •  While practicing grammar, it is inevitable that a student will believe his gut feelings for marking the answer to a question but trusting gut feelings all the time may result in serious mistakes. A lot of examples in grammar tend to deviate from what seems to be the correct answer. The correct answer may be something entirely different. Therefore, it is usually advised to match the answers after one is done solving the questions. Over Confidence might lead to a gradual decrease in the skillset of a student.
  •   Learning things at a fast pace is a practice that should be abandoned at this stage of a student’s life. A student must take it slow and steady to learn the fundamentals and then, must be incredibly patient during the application of these skills. Some students hurriedly try to complete the portion but due to this, their knowledge is half-baked which might cause a lot of problems for them in the future. The rules of grammar should be contemplated upon for quite some time for attaining perfection in the usage of grammar.


Summarizing all the points in the article, it has been discussed that NCERT books are the best source for better grammar. Practicing grammar on a daily basis helps in polishing a student’s skill set. Interaction in English reduces hesitation and anxiety issues as well as give the student a chance to think about their mistakes and further, correct those mistakes in order to grow as an individual. It is also evident from the article that certain non-scholarly activities can amplify the speaking abilities of a student along with polishing their grammar. The do’s and don’ts are also elaborated upon in this article to aid a student in getting better insight on the topic. Overall, this article can be beneficial for a student.