Dataminers have found evidence of a new type of item called “Gadgets” in Apex Legends. Here’s everything we know and what to expect from gadgets.

Reliable dataminer Shrugtal found some code in the latest Apex Legends build that refer to Gadgets. In a recent developer livestream, a mysterious new UI was presented with an unknown item slot. Some new purple floor loot were also seen.

This led Shrugtal to believe that the fourth item slot in the UI would be for Gadgets, and perhaps the purple items are Gadgets in the overworld.


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Shrugtal speculates that these gadgets are non-combat throwables, like smoke grenades or other utility items.

The introduction of gadgets has some major implications in a hero shooter. The utility skills are what make each Legend unique. Previously, Legends had to be tweaked when other Legends impeded on their territory. Lifeline was almost irrelevant when Gibraltar got a buff to healing in his shield until she got a minor rework.

Utility items like smoke grenades might impede on some of the Legends’ abilities. If smoke grenades can be used by anyone, what would make Bangalore unique? How would something like a decoy grenade work when that’s what Mirage is known for?

It’ll be interesting to see how Respawn handles utility gadgets in a hero based game like Apex Legends. We might catch a glimpse at Gadgets during the next collection event.

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