Should I Support My Teenager’s Dream to Pursue a Professional Gaming Career?

Many kids these days are in love with video games. Some spend hours each day playing their favorite games online or even their game consoles. If you think that you’re the only one who thinks your kids are wasting their time playing such games, know that you are not alone. Many parents would limit their kids’ screen time knowing too much of this can harm their health. But what if your teen told you that he wants to pursue a career in gaming?

Why More Kids Are Into Pro Gaming

Before, many people thought video games are merely a great way to have fun and relax. But now, many call themselves as professional gamers, with some raking below 10,000 to millions each month. Of course, a pro gamer’s salary depends on numerous factors, including what kind of game they, their skill, etc.

This only goes to show that video games are no longer simply child’s play. One can build a profitable career out of gaming because this is now a real thing and a real sport. There’s a real competition going on, with kids playing solo or in teams and earning medals and real cash in eSports.

Should You Support His Dream?

It is not easy to say yes and support his dream of becoming a pro gamer. This is especially true since most parents are already dreaming of their kids chasing what they consider to be a real career. But then, remember that there is no point in forcing kids to choose a career he is not passionate about, to begin with.

This is not to say that you can simply allow him to pursue his dream. There are some questions worth asking your teen and yourself to check if it is a good idea to support his ambition to become a professional gamer.

  • Is he really good at playing games?
  • Does he engage in other activities that keep him healthy?
  • Was he able to keep up with his responsibilities at home and in school?
  • Is he able to maintain good relationships with his loved ones at home, at school, and others?

There is a big difference between knowing how to play and being really good at it. Know that like in professional sports, professional gaming is only reserved for the elite. If one is not naturally gifted, not willing to work hard, and not willing to learn, then it can be hard to compete with the pros.

Teens should already be helping around the house and maintain good grades. If he remains responsible despite him playing a few hours of video games each day, then chances are he already knows how to manage his time wisely despite all the responsibilities he now has.

Most professional gamers spend hours playing and sitting each day. This means your teen will need to maintain an active lifestyle to ensure he remains healthy. Letting him know the hard reality of what professional gaming entails is crucial to know how serious he is in pursuing such a career.

Supporting His Passion

If he is still serious about becoming a pro gamer, know that there are numerous ways you can support his dream and maximize his potential. For one, you can start by providing him with the right equipment. This can mean investing in a high-quality gaming desktop that can accommodate his preferred games.

Some other ways to support his newfound pursuit are as follows.

  • Take Interest in the Games They Like

Know what games he likes to play, how it works, and how he can win. Understanding what your teen likes will make it easier for you to talk to him and show your interest. Who knows? You might even take an interest and start playing with your teen when you have time.

  • Strike a Deal

It is important that you strike a deal with your teen. He needs to keep up with his responsibilities, maintain good grades, keep a healthy and active lifestyle, and retain great relationships. He needs to understand that there are other important things other than games, like family, school, and health.

It is also a good idea to give him a deadline to achieve a pro gaming portfolio and plan his backup plan. If he is unsuccessful in time, he has another career option you will be supporting him with. Once you’re done supporting him financially, he can choose to pursue his gaming career or not.

  • Praise and Support Their Achievements

It is important that you praise your teen for his achievements. Show that you appreciate his efforts. Make sure you find time to watch his games as often as you can.

The best gift parents can give to their kids is their love and support. It helps a lot that your teen knows you are supportive of his new career venture. But it is also wise to be realistic and not give in to the illusion that anyone who can play can be a successful pro gamer. Balance your support and explain your side. Know that he has other options in case his gaming career does not kick-off.

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