What is the meaning of a web if it is not developed and maintained up-to-date. A website needs to be developed so that it is able to continue to compete with its competitors without feeling heavy or difficult to open. In developing a web system, several stages are needed. As information, admin panel CoreUI lets you save thousands of priceless hours because it offers everything you need to create modern, beautiful, and responsive applications.The following are the stages of website development that are usually carried out.


In developing a web system, it is necessary to have a concept. Where in this phase, the development project of a web system will be defined briefly and creatively. This first stage is generally used to determine the scope / size of a project so that the project can be continued.


This phase indicates that the web development project will officially begin. Some of the factors that indicate this are based on research, such as what the client’s needs and goals are and various other things. Some of the things previously discussed at the concept stage can be changed based on the research results and findings.

Content Development

This stage usually occurs after entering the design stage, where content development will see what content needs to be included on a website. This stage has a very big influence on the presence or absence of additions to the website page. That’s why content development must go hand in hand with design.


The next stage in web development is the design stage, where at this stage the entire information architecture on a website is developed and the prototype is tested. This is usually done after the content has been developed and the number of web pages has been completed and the design draft has been approved.


In this stage, parts of a website template begin to be built. Web developers will usually check their website templates periodically to ensure that the coding is working according to plan.


At this stage, the Website can be launched and can be accessed via the internet. At this stage, the web developer will also carry out a complete and detailed link check to ensure that everything is working according to their respective functions. Apart from that it also checks for any applications or other features it has included.


At this stage, the web developer will create a maintenance system for the client that is used to edit and customize some simple and more basic aspects of the website, such as images, videos and related content. As you know, react admin dashboard is good choices.