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It’s been about 10 months and we are still fighting with a microscopic coronavirus, the complete world is paused for the last 6-7 months but now people have started stepping out of their houses either for jobs or for other necessary work. However, the country is not opened completely yet but unlocking is continuous with some restrictions.

With the unlocking and reopening of the services in the country, the risk of virus increasing exponentially, the virus has infected crores of people throughout the world, and about 62 million cases (at the time of writing) alone in India, lakhs of people lost their lives, many are still isolated. So, these figures are enough to know how calamitous this virus is.

Now, what we can do in such a situation? How we can fight or prevent us from the infection when almost everything is opened and life turning out to be normal with an alarming number of increasing cases. The viable solutions are:

Close yourself inside your home and don’t interact with anyone.

This is an inefficient solution because in the initial days of the infection our government tried to implement this solution which leads to various serious problems.

Go to the work wearing masks and using sanitizer frequently.

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This method is also 90% efficient because if you wear a mask, do not touch your face, and also sanitize your hands frequently it will only protect your hands and face; not your gadgets or groceries and other stuff you buy from the market. The virus can reside over any surface for hours, and it is tough to sanitize vegetables and other stuff you buy from stores where thousands of people are visiting daily.

We Need Something More

After knowing these issues, various companies designed numerous gadgets which are really helpful if you use them. Here in this article, we are going to mention a few awesome gadgets which will be helpful for you as they ain’t cost much and gonna prevent you from dangerous Coronavirus.

Infrared Thermometer

The infrared thermometers are very useful as with the unlocking phase many people including house-helpers and friends too are visiting your home.

[Wearing a mask and sanitizing hands is not a fully secure measure to protect yourself from infection.]


You can use an Infrared thermometer at your house, and check the temperature of each person entering into your home if they have high-temperature so you can deny them from entering into your house (as the high body temperature is an early symptom of the Coronavirus) and sanitize your hands, and door locks/handles too.

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Suddhi Box (UV Sterilization Box)

This is a great invention by Arista Vault Technology Co. Ltd, a Gurgaon (India)- based tech startup. This gadget is the winner of the Safe India Hackathon. Suddhi box is an awesome UV light sanitizing box that can be used to disinfect mobile phone, wallet, wristwatch charger, keys, and other small stuff. It is a small box that radiates UVC light to disinfect the objects.


It can be used easily just put small objects inside it and close the box, press the start button it will disinfect objects within 5 minutes. No need to spray sanitizer everywhere except your hands. Just put your objects into Suddhi Box, and they will be disinfected within few minutes. This box comes with the additional functionality of Wireless charging, so you can disinfect, sanitize as well as charge your device with Suddhi Box alone.

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This is another cool gadget which can sanitize everything your groceries too, this useful gadget is developed by Log 9 Materials a Banglore based cleantech company specializing in energy products. CoronaOven disinfects things through the Germicidal Irradiation process. It makes use of UVC radiation which is shorter in wavelength and capable of interacting with RNA and DNA of the cells and microbes. This gadget is designed very nicely and it completely protects its user from UVC light radiation. 


The CoronaOven is very easy to use, just put the object inside the box, close the lid and turn the oven on for few minutes, it is said that it can sanitize products completely in just 4 mins. 

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Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter counts the amount of oxygen carried by your blood, low level of blood-oxygen is also a symptom of Coronavirus infection. This is easy to use gadget which can be easily purchased online at a price range of INR 500- INR 1000. Pulse Oximeter can be used easily just insert your finger into it and it will radiate a beam of light and calculate the level of oxygen inside your blood. So if you are facing any difficulty in breathing you can easily check it yourself at home without visiting any contaminated area like testing labs or doctor’s cabin. 


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Sanitizer Dispenser

Sanitizer Dispenser is a small yet very useful gadget to have at your home and workplace, this electric sanitizer dispenser can reduce the transmission of infection up to 98% because it does not require any physical touch when used, just place your hands below it and it will sanitize your hands. This will add an extra layer of surety in prevention from Coronavirus. 


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Luggage Disinfection System

This device is not suitable for personal use but it can be used at Hotels, Airports, Terminals, Railway stations, etc to disinfect luggage. KritiScan UV – UVC light-based Baggage/luggage Disinfection System is co-developed by International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) and Vehant Technologies.


This can disinfect an object completely and quickly in just 8 seconds by using Germicidal UV-C 254nm.

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