SAN DIEGO, Calif., Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Vigilance Risk Solutions, Inc., a first-of-its-kind technology company that specializes in conflict and violence prevention, has completed a rebranding effort in response to accelerated market potential in a pandemic era.  At the heart of this rebranding is a change of the company name to CommSafe [ai] – matching the name of its new AI software platform – and an update to the corporate logo.

The new name and product reflects the increasing recognition of companies large and small that emerging threats will continue to plague the workplace as employees go back to work post-COVID-19. 

“We changed our name based on the shift of our focus and in the market to better serve our current and future customers,” said Ty Smith, Founder and CEO of CommSafe [ai] and a retired Navy SEAL. “Toxic organizational communication, often visible only to those affected, has a very detrimental impact on employees as well as organizations. This communication can lead to patterns of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, aggression, escalated conflict, threats, discrimination, and violence. Since there is currently no systematic way to become aware of issues when they arise in real time, organizations have been forced to deal with these issues only when they rise to the level where they have already created a significant and adverse impact on people and company culture.” 

The CommSafe [ai]™ tool is a first-to-market Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool that allows organizations to get ahead of threats and violence in the workplace before they happen. The communications safety analysis software was created by the company’s military special operations and specialized law enforcement experts and will also include web-based conflict and violence training. 

CommSafe [ai]™ analyzes communication in real time and flags toxic messages – similar to the algorithm of an email spam filter – that would threaten the integrity of a safe communication space or violate shared company values. The software tracks tone, meaning that the algorithms can semantically tell if the tone of a message is insulting by analyzing word choice and word patterns.

In addition to alerting management of an issue, CommSafe [ai]™ also provides “next step” recommendations. For example, the system would suggest customized coaching for well-meaning employees to help them increase their communication awareness and sensitivity. 

The company, which began developing the CommSafe [ai]™ software before COVID-19, has accelerated the development of the product in response to growing demand for workplace safety. The beta version will be released to several beta customers in Q1 2021, with the full version slated to be released to the market in Q2 2021. 

“As a result of work-from-home (WFH) policies due to COVID-19, employees and managers are disengaged and dealing with work/family issues and suffering anxiety, stress, conflict, violent ideation, and violence,” Smith said. “Fear, uncertainty and doubt creates stress and conflict in the workplace; this could lead to an escalation of conflict and violence, even if the home is the new workplace.”

In fact, Smith said, HR managers are struggling to solve problems that stem from new (WFH) policies

“There is an enormous hunger for this type of tool, whether employees are in the office or continue to work virtually,” he said. “Currently, there is no systematic way to identify these issues as they arise in real time. Deterring or capturing toxic interactions early before they further escalate or deepen their harm allows organizations to focus on building a positive, inclusive culture while protecting employees.”

CommSafe [ai] invites companies and organizations that need help in preventing and solving conflict and violence resolution to contact us here.

About CommSafe [ai]:

Founded in 2015, CommSafe [ai] is a technology company that helps companies keep communications safe 24/7.  Our flagship technology is an AI communications analysis system that helps companies identify and mitigate toxic communication in the workplace before it escalates, including bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, Title IX violations, aggression, escalated conflict, threats, discrimination, and violence. These problems cost US businesses nearly $400 billion annually. The CommSafe [ai]™ System helps ensure a safe and inclusive communication space, increase mutual trust and respect, and uphold your team’s shared values. Please visit for more information, or book a time to speak with us.

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