Why Should Business Owners Choose Linux Dedicated Servers?

Web hosting companies offer multiple web hosting solutions to businesses per their business size and website requirements. Businesses choose from shared, VPS, cloud, or Dedicated Hosting solutions to host their websites and make their digital presence available to the world.

The type of hosting solution you choose depends on your website’s requirements. For example, a Shared Hosting solution is ideal if your website does not receive much web traffic, requires fewer server resources, and if security is not a major concern. However, if your website receives high website traffic, needs more and better resources, customizable options, and if security is a deal-breaker, Dedicated Hosting would fit your needs perfectly.

In Dedicated Server Web Hosting, a physical server is allotted to a website that enjoys all the resources of the server in an exclusive manner.  As the server’s dedicated resources are not shared with other websites, this hosting solution offers high availability, guaranteed uptime, powerful performance, ultimate security, enhanced customer experience, and more.

You can either choose a Windows or a Linux Dedicated Server Hosting solution for your website, although many businesses prefer using Linux-based systems for their websites.

Here are some of the major reasons behind the popularity of Linux Dedicated Servers and why you must use them for your business:

1.     Cost-Effective

Users can easily access Linux, which is an open-source operating system. Web hosting providers manage and maintain Linux servers and share the cost of professional services, which cuts down the final cost for individual users and website owners. A Linux server also offers various free software, making web integration quick and easy.

2.     Highly Beneficial for e-commerce Websites

e-Commerce websites require highly efficient servers, which can effectively process hundreds of incoming server requests and offer smooth and seamless performance despite traffic fluctuations. Therefore, websites choose a Linux hosting solution, as Linux is powerful and guarantees accessibility and smooth operation of websites with no glitches.

3.     High Scalability

Linux Dedicated Servers offer high flexibility and scalability for several situations, such as applying programming languages like Perl, MySQL, and PHP. On the other hand, Windows does not offer this feature due to a lack of programming languages provisioning. Linux implements embedded systems that optimize computer software and servers. Moreover, you can configure your Dedicated Server and add or remove resources depending on your website’s needs using a Dedicated Hosting solution.

4.    High-Level Security

Linux Dedicated Server is highly reliable because of the top-tier security it provides to websites. Despite being an open platform, it is highly resistant to security attacks and online breaches, restricting hackers and third-party applications from accessing your website or its content without file permissions.

5.     Redundant Reboots Rendering

With a Windows operating system, you must reset the entire system whenever an update is pushed. In contrast, no system reboot is needed in a Linux-based OS while installing updates. Linux also allows you to change a software or system configuration with ease without requiring a program reboot.

Summing Up

A Dedicated Linux Server is the most preferred and sought-after web hosting solution for businesses to host their websites. The high availability, performance, software compatibility, ease of installation, and high security make Linux Dedicated Server a convenient and cost-effective solution.