Why Should You Use Private Nameservers?

As a Hosting Reseller, when you are running and managing your Reseller Hosting business, one of the most critical requirements and an integral part of this hosting journey is private nameservers. 

Reseller Hosting is the most lucrative web hosting service that lets you start a web hosting business of your own and sell highly personalized, customized, unique, and creative web hosting solutions to your clients in return for great profits. 

During this process, having your own nameservers is extremely important and plays a vital role in the success of your Web Hosting Reseller business

Let us see what nameservers and private nameservers are, when you should use them, and what benefits they offer your hosting business. 

What are nameservers? 

Nameservers are the critical part of DNS (Domain Name System), a large database. These nameservers translate hostnames and domains into IP addresses. 

So, when a user types in and enters your website’s URL to visit your website, it is the nameserver’s responsibility to direct the user’s request to the specific location of the requested content. 

What are private nameservers, and when do you need them? 

Private name servers are DNS servers associated with a specific and unique domain name instead of being associated with those of your web hosting provider. 

For example, like every other hosting provider, your Reseller Hosting provider will have their own string of nameservers which may look like: 



However, when you choose private nameservers for your business, you can brand your business name by using them in the domain name records. 

So, your private nameservers allow you to change the default nameservers to:



Therefore, you need private nameservers as a Hosting Reseller for your web hosting business’s utmost branding and credibility. 

Using your business name within your domain leads to advanced branding and offers several benefits, especially if you own a Reseller Web Hosting business. 

What are the benefits of private nameservers to your Reseller Hosting business? 

Private nameservers offer the following critical advantages to your Resell Web Hosting business. 

  • Helps establish your brand identity 

Private nameservers are ideal for Hosting Resellers, especially those trying to create and establish their own brand identity. As a Hosting Reseller, you need to represent your hosting business as an independent entity and not related to your parent web hosting company. 

A private nameserver helps in this case by masking every relation you have with your hosting company, representing your business as an independent brand. 

  • Easy switch and transfer

At any step, if you wish to switch your hosting provider to another web hosting company, you can easily do so with private nameservers without making your clients realize the switch. 

Your clients will have no idea that they are now hosted or serviced by a new web hosting provider. 

  • Builds customer trust 

A private domain name creates a sense of security and trust within your customers, which is crucial for your business and representing yourself as the best Hosting Reseller

Customers can leverage your services doubt-free and risk-free with an assurance of the same level of security and protection to their websites and businesses. 


As a Hosting Reseller, private nameservers are of extreme importance as they help build customer trust, business identity and make switches and transfers between hosting providers smooth and easy. 

Thus, opt for the right Web Hosting Reseller plans and name your own private nameservers under your brand’s name to set your business’s path towards success.