No-touch is the new normal in our lives. Touch is not more a symbol of empathy and warmth, especially when it comes to touching surfaces. As we progress towards completely different times, there are a few gadgets you must invest in right away. These gadgets are completely independent and will help in a no-touch activity and at the same time will upgrade your living instantly.

Hands-free dispensers

Upgrade your soap dispensers to the automatic ones and you will feel much safer. The surface of the soap dispensers are extremely dirty as anyone who wants to wash their hands needs to touch it. Hence an automatic dispenser is a good idea. Now that sanitizer has become an integral part of our lives, you can replace those bottles and squeezers with hands-free sanitizer dispensers.

Hands-free kitchen and bathroom faucets
Do we even need to explain this idea? One of the most dangerous places for the spread of germs and viruses is a kitchen or a bathroom faucet. Replace them with hands-free sensor faucets. Sensor faucets look good and apart from making it an easy process, they level up the luxury at your house.

Sensor bins
Sounds cool, right? Imagine that to throw waste all you need to do is to wave at the bin top and it opens automatically, without you touching it. Sounds like a perfect scenario as far as coronavirus threat is concerned. As you reduce the risk of contamination and is a more convenient and hygienic option.

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